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The US Ambassador visited MPC in Shchuchinsk

May 29, 2019

On may 29, 2019, the US AMBASSADOR in Kazakhstan, William H.Moser, has visited us . As an Ambassador, he works to strengthen relations between our countries in the fields of ECONOMY, security and CULTURE.
⠀ During his visit, we showed to Mr. Moser and his team the following:
1. Our renowned meat-packing plant in Schuchinsk
2. Fields where all components for animal forage are grown by our subsidiary @kazgrain_feeders
3. Technology for the production of marbled beef in Akmola region at the highest international standards. After all, our company, adopting the experience and standards of the best producers of marbled beef, is a successful example of INTEGRATING WORLD STANDARDS and LOCAL FLAVOR.
⠀ Mr. Ambassador was left with a pleasant impression after the tour at the KazBeef factory

Kusto Group became a shareholder of Kazbeef LtD


Kusto Group became the majority investor of KazBeef. The company plans extend KazBeef by 10 times in two or three years. And this is absolutely real, Yerkin Tatishev is sure:
Last year they finished with 4 thousan of livestock slaughtered. The goal is to reach a minimum of 22 thousand of livestock, and a maximum of 30 thousand.
Then by copying the KazBeef experience (there are already partners in other regions who are ready to implement the model at home) the goal is to bring production of up to 100 thousand tons of meat per year. An ambitious goal, given that the state program for meat export, under which KazBeef was created, the goal was to bring the country's total exports to 60 thousand tons per year, but it has not yet been achieved.

Metro Cash & Carry became the official distributor of Kazbeef products

2016 год

METRO METRO is focused on professional buyers, i.e. legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, and also for private purchases. The main customers of METRO:1. HoReCa-hotels, restaurants, cafes 2. Retail outlets: private entrepreneurs, stores, stalls, etc. 3. Offices and service companies from the state industry, service sector, etc...
Cities where Metro is represented:
Astana, Karaganda, Almaty, Pavlodar, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Shymkent, Aktau, Atyrau, Uralsk